Friday, July 11, 2014

Celebrating and Playing!!!

This is what Summer is.  Hot days spent at the lake.  Fishing, exploring, playing, watching for animals, staying up late, having fun, reading and relaxing.  Oh, and one really awesome kid has his birthday right in the middle of it all.  Perfect.
 We went fishing and Caleb had the luck.  Four fish and he loved it.
 We went for a  hike, which would have been longer but one of the little kids got tired and cranky. Humph!  But along the way we played pooh-sticks, heard an elk call (cool!) and found a lot of rail road spikes.  Good times.
 This awesome kid is the one who planned to have the birthday right during all the festivities and he could not have been wiser.  Every year he gets fireworks and the climbing wall and parades and great food and fun times at the lake and happy days.  It is AWESOME!
 Uncle Steve came to the cabin with us this year and we were so happy to have him along.  He brought water balloons and one hot afternoon the boys went to town.  
 Out on a boat ride.
 Caleb's last moments of 10 were spent on the tube, going faster than he ever has and loving it!  Then that night they went out on the boat to watch the fireworks from the water.  Such a great way to celebrate!
ELEVEN!!!  Can it really be?  Yes, and I cannot say enough good things about this boy.  He is growing into such a terrific person.  It is true, he has his moments, we all do in life.  But overall, I am so impressed and happy with the quality and character of this boy.  He is very helpful, tender-hearted, full of faith and really strives to follow the Spirit.  He tries hard to be a peacemaker (which is great with younger siblings).  He can be a hard-worker when in the right mood.  He is so smart and has great ideas.  He now enjoys trying new things to eat.  He is very creative.  He loves coming up with ways to make us all happy.  He really does want to do his best.  We love him so very much.  Caleb is a kid worth celebrating!

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