Monday, July 21, 2014

Life is BETTER at the Lake

I am not quite sure what it is about this place.  Do not get me wrong.  We have plenty of ugly mom moments, grouchy kid times and such.  It is not totally perfect up at Scofield.  But there is no where else my kids and I would rather be.  Beauty all around.  Go outdoors anytime you want and explore or come up with your own game or go for a walk or get wet.  Time to relax and talk and stay up way too late then sleep in past eight.  Not to mention all the wildlife we see and the cooler temperatures.  It is the best place to spend the summer.
Some of the wildlife we saw:
 On our weekly adventure drive we found a total of 39 deer (10 fawns), 9 elk (2 babies) and 3 foxes!!!!  Pictured above a few of the sweet fawns and the mother deer.
 Our 9 elk with the babies.
It is hard to see in this picture but there is one of the three foxes that we found.  It is so exciting for all of us to go find these animals and enjoy watching them together.
Caleb spotted a beaver swimming in the lake one night.
William named this little chipmunk Lucky because it found some Lucky Charms out in the road and was having a feast.
One morning while going fishing we got a glimpse of a blue heron.
Some of the fun we had together:
 We collected rocks along the shore and made a fun maze.

A pretty morning spent fishing.
Playing in the water!
More fun in the water together.
  Spending some silly time together down at the lake while eating dinner.  I hope amidst all the work and effort and at times grumpiness we are making some good memories of being together in  a beautiful place.  There is no other place we would rather be.

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