Friday, July 11, 2014

Peter-Parker Day

Last year Peter and his best friend from the cabin started something new, Peter-Parker day (July 5th). Last year they were inseparable, they went on walks together, ate together, went swimming together. This year was no different.  I did not get many photos of them together because they were always somewhere else.  Playing with plants, or doing bead lizards, or creating clubs.  I knew Peter was ok, we just did not see him most of the week.  The few photos I got are as follows.
As happened last year, Otter-Pop Brewing.  Parker has a separate cabin that became club headquarters.  In that cabin they have a stash of otter pops.  These crazy kids found them again this year, opened up a bunch of random flavors and mixed them up.  It makes for some wild kids.
 Last year they painted sun-catchers as an activity.  This year I brought up wooden bird houses for all 7 kids to paint (Peter and Parker, plus Parker's two sisters and Peter's siblings ((whom he does not claim when Parker is around))).  The only trick with the bird houses was that they had to paint them for someone else.  So, Peter painted one for Parker and she painted one for him.  It was fun and they all turned out cute.  There are also a few paint splotches on the road and quite a few innocent ants who were marked for life.
These kids are best buddies.  I sure am glad that they have such fun together.

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