Thursday, February 5, 2015

Busy, Busy Beavers

Well, my my.  Time seems to keep passing and each day something crazy happens, but we are too busy to remember it all.  So, in no particular order I will try to keep track of what has made life so busy this last month.
 This awesome dude will be turning 9 in a few short days.  He is awesome!  Does his homework quietly without needing much help.  Has grasped onto multiplication and division without so much as a problem.  Is doing great in school, still gets bored at church and struggles, and is a terrific kid at entertaining himself when the rest of us are running around crazy.  Oh, how thankful I am that he is okay with blending into the back gound sometimes so I can focus on other things.  And he has also become a real helper in walking William through his homework.
 Why do I say we are busy beavers?  Because of this young man right here!  Gosh, we have focused a lot of time on him lately.  And I would not take any of those minutes away.  Here he is, puffy eyed because of lack of sleep, but ready for school in his cool robot bow tie.
 Still going strong with soccer.  Finished his first session of indoor, on to session two then Spring will be right around the corner.
He asked his friend and class-mate to the 6th grade Valentine's dance.  He has such a great group of friends to be with.
Why are we so busy?  Well, a month ago Caleb auditioned for the Salt Lake Children's Choir and was accepted.  What a great kid!  However, he was accepted for the Wednesday choir.  EVERYTHING HAPPENS ON WEDNESDAY!  Choir is on Wednesday.  Soccer practice is on Wednesday.  Scouts is on Wednesday.  So, to throw life out of balance we go to choir on Wednesday up at Highland High.  Since he cannot go to soccer practice, we go to Highland early so he can practice on their full size goals before choir.  The other three kids are awesome and run around together while I slam the ball at Caleb.  Then we have to do scouts on our own, the other days that Caleb is not doing homework.
 Choir practice at home with dad, late at night, before bed.
 Caleb has also been insanely busy with homework.  We had to work on four papers at home one week.  Talk about an active kid.
 What are the others doing while Caleb and mom are together?  One night they played twister together.  Another time Haley and William did some sewing.  They read, draw, make messes, sometimes lose it and throw a tantrum.
But generally they stay sweet and patient and are totally awesome!
And occasionally they find time to be together and have fun. Yes, this is February and there is no snow!!!  BOO!  But it makes for some nice moments outside together.

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