Wednesday, June 17, 2015

ok, ok; summer at home can be fun too.

What's that you say?  We had fun without a lake nearby?  Well, we had to make due.  :)  Since soccer practice started up this week and we could not go to the cabin, we went bowling.  For free.  Yes!
 We all had a lot of fun!
 This little girl won both games.
 William enjoyed his success of spares.  Caleb even got his first strike ever!  Good times.
 We also got to see an old-time car show.  Sweet cars.  And the kids had a history lesson in who exactly is Herbie and why was this car supposed to be so cool.
Yeah, I guess summer can be pretty fun at home too.  Today we are going bowling again today and then best of all, the RODEO!!! Should be another good day.

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