Saturday, June 6, 2015

It is Official!

 This Kid! Awesome.  Hard working. An official member of The Utah Glory Competition soccer team.  Whoa
 The end of school came.  And this kid made some fun friends in school and did really well!
 This kid is so glad he will have more time to play.
 This kid, yup that same awesome one, is no longer in elementary school.  This 6th grade class is on their way up.
 This kid, wow, is so very smart and tries his very best.  And that teacher, wow, is the very best we could have asked for.
Yup, here comes summer!  Last day of riding his bike home from school.  Did I say he is awesome?  Yes.  He made several goals this year for school, and I am pretty sure he completed them all. Of the few; 1) take home lunch every day - check. 2) be on time for school and there every day -check. 3) ride bike to school and home from school every day - check.  Yes, even in blizzards and the like, he kept every goal.  We are so proud of him.
It is officially summer, the kiddy pool is out and being used.
 End of summer trip to the zoo.  Yup, it is official, they are ready for summer...but mom is not quite so ready.

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