Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summers are not the same without the LAKE

Oh yeah!  You better believe we went to the cabin and tried to make the most of it.  We have to!  This place, Scofield, is the best place in the Summer!  No doubt.  But it seems that soccer and scouts and stuff may not let us be there super long this year.  How sad.  So, we have to take what we can get.  Just today after church, every single child was bummed that we would not be making the drive to the cabin.  What?????  Terrible in my books too.  But on to the good news....
Beautiful!  Just simply beautiful to be there with these cuties.
 This kid, awesome!  Soccer practice at the cabin. Why not run up and down the road for 15 minutes, get winded, and stronger?  Thats what he did.
 Of course we got in the water!  And yes, it was cold.
 But when you have this cool snorkel gear and you are as awesome as the Gray kids, you can handle some cold water.  The funniest thing was to hear Caleb try and talk while the snorkel was in his mouth.  He could not pronounce his "R" nor his "B", and he sounded like he was in a cave.  Such a cool family!
 I know, it is hard to tell, but all those little white things are pelicans.  It was an art gallery worthy painting.  All those pelicans scattered across the water, beautiful mountains all around, happy family in the truck, at our favorite place ever.
 I had to go get William out of the lake and Peter was really hungry.  Caleb, being the cool kid he is, stepped up to the stove and cooked dinner for he and Peter.  Such a rad kid!
 Scofield tradition, blueberry Eggos for breakfast.  Haley asked me today where was her blueberry Eggo?  I had to, sadly, tell her it is at Scofield.
 We saw elk!  I love nature.
And we even saw a freakin' beaver!  Out of the water, grooming itself and munching on something.  We have seen in them in the water, but never on the shore.  SCORE!  We watched it for as long as we could.  Got as close as we could.  Then watched it some more as it swam around the shoreline.  It was so cool!
And this sunset, beautiful and perfect.  I am not sure if it is noticeable or not but at the very bottom, along the shore, was a mystery bird walking along.  We have since found out they are sandhill cranes, but it our little band of awesome lake people, we will forever, and lovingly, call it the mystery bird.  It looked like the sky was on fire.  The clouds were making beautiful shapes.  The perfect place to spend summer!

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