Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas fun with friends

Christmas is sneaking up on us! Cannot believe it is so close, but I think we have been doing our best to be happy and celebrate.
 At Haley's preschool on Thursday her little class made gingerbread Christmas trees.  The little boy pictured with her is her best friend, William. He is always full of smiles and when they see each other they hug and insist on sitting next to each other.  It is very fun to watch.
On Friday, Peter had a soccer game.  They won, 14-3! Peter did really good.  He was keeper for half of the game and second half he played defense and forward.  He has really come to enjoy soccer.
On Saturday Caleb had another killer soccer game.  I will tell you the score first, they beat us 1-12!!!!  Now for the stats.  Our team took 19 shots on goal.  The other team took 54 shots on Caleb!!!!!!  Ack! Caleb made some great saves and played with his whole heart.
I also cannot forget to mention that Sunday morning, before church, Peter and William were playing together so well! I actually told them that they did not have to get ready until the last possible second, before church, just to maximize the good vibes that were flowing between them.  It was great.
Also on Sunday, it was the Salt Lake Children's Choir's last Christmas concert.  It was beautiful!  Gloria and Silent Night were my personal favorites.  But each song was so wonderful, the kids all did fantastic!  In this photo, we have some good friends.  3 cousins that love each other and could be considered the best of friends. The other boy, Colin, sits next to Caleb in the choir and they have become friends.  They are fun to watch up there.  Caleb nudges Colin every now and then, they play games together on down time; good friends are a treasure to find.

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