Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Review

As usual, Christmas came and went and waiting around for no body.  Good thing we tried to take advantage of the moments and have fun.
 The week of Christmas Caleb went and visited three temples in the valley.  It was generally snowing for each visit which made the experience neat with the falling snow.  Then after Christmas Caleb visited the temple again.  Each time he tried to remember something to tell me about the temple.  His favorite, being confirmed for a man named, "Thor."  Caleb was pretty stoked to be confirmed for an Avenger. :)
 The happy smile of children after opening up the haul.
Peter had fun battling anyone he could with his smash bots.
 Haley loved her soft robe and her musical tigers.  That girl loves soft, pink things and tigers.
We had to snap this picture upon returning home Christmas night from the Grays.  It was seriously a close to perfect Christmas.  To name a few moments.....it snowed!!!!!  A lot in West Jordan.  Which meant that I took the goods to make snow ice cream up to the Grays and we treated ourselves to many cups.  We had yummy food; my favs were the roast and gravy from Dacia, my squash, and the turnovers. The kids actually got along very well. Haley had such cute moments with the white elephant exchange (namely the "this is hard" quote on the left-right-left game). And I was able to have a sweet moment with Haley right before going home when she was watching a part of the Cinderella movie and I was able to share in her joy of princesses and beauty and magic. Christmas was full of happy moments.

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