Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy, Happy Snowy Day!

 The countdown has begun!  12 days until Christmas and our plans are laid out for that time.  So fun.
 On day 12 Haley planned a Christmas party.  Her menu: salad, with beans and meat, cauliflower, noodles and cornbread.  It was fun.  We had fun antlers and headbands to wear, and after dinner we had games.
 The puzzles were the biggest success, everyone loved them.
 Woke up this morning to SNOW!!!  Love it so much!  So, Day 1 of the Christmas lunch was snow themed.
After school Caleb came home and we built a snow fort.  Or, the beginnings of one.  So much fun to play in the snow.  Peter's first words this morning were, "Mom, will you make snow ice-cream?"  Why, of course!  I think our day is about complete.  We have eaten snow ice-cream, built a snow fort, made a huge pile of wet-snow clothes to dry out, and it is still snowing!  Our advent activity is to watch Prep and Landing on the computer and eat pop corn.  It will be a great evening!!!!

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