Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hitting a dull point in life

For the sake of keeping a record of our life I am posting this.  Who knows if I will ever have enough ink or paper to print this out for a journal.  But it is written, NOTHING is going on in life.  Well, nothing new or exciting.  The same remains.  Soccer, school, choir, laundry, legos, church, nagging and encouraging.  See, I do not even have any good photos to show for the last few weeks!  Augh!  But what to remember.  Rob is busy with work.  Caleb has been having some rough games of soccer. He still likes soccer, but walks away from each game frustrated at not having performed better.  I do not even want to recount the last game, it was heart-wrenching.  But I have tried to point out that all he can do it try his best and learn from what he is experiencing.  Peter has been doing well with soccer, but it helps that his team is really good.  William has been a sweetheart the last week and been getting up for school and getting ready on time, without complaint and constant urging from us.  That is a definite win for him.  Haley, nothing new for that girl.  Play, sleep, read, play and go wherever we drag her. She has a pretty easy life right now.  That is life in a nutshell.  But it will be fun again soon. Peter's birthday, Valentine's day...... there are some plans in the works.

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