Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New experiences to remember

So, when you turn a decade old, as Peter just did, you want to do something fun and exciting.  Something to remember. We thought of different ideas and I think we came up with a great weekend we will all remember.  First off, on Friday Peter had an incredibly hard game of soccer to play.  It was such a close came and they won, 8-7! Whew!  Then on Saturday, after another tough game for Caleb we headed up to Midway, Utah to go see the Ice Castles.  It was totally fun!  Along the way we actually saw 3 moose on the hillside and arrived in time to see the castles in the daylight and then when the lights turned on.
 The boys found the exploring right up their alley.
 Peter enjoyed this birthday experience.  Until his feet got really cold and he was just done.  Fortunately that did not happen till right before we left.
 There were cool tunnels to crawl through.  A maze to explore in.  And, lots and lots of people.
 But surprisingly enough, Peter did fine with the crowds and I only lost Haley once.
 Once the darkness hit and they turned on the castle lights in the ice, it was really cool.  The lights would change through the whole rainbow and each picture or feature of the castle was different.  This is taken in the dome, and it was awesome!
 Same dome feature, different lights.
 Peter, being true to his crazy self, love that boy! And Caleb is always sweet with Haley.
 Look at those ice cycles.  So cool!
 Being that the next day would be Valentine's Day, they carved a heart that night.
 Those two silhouettes are Peter and Haley and I love how the lights of the castle look behind them.
 There was even a flame thrower guy, wowing the people there.
 And princesses, Haley's night was complete when she had this photo taken. It was certainly something we all enjoyed together.
 When Peter was 3 he received 10 boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios from Pa.  This year we all gave him  Goldfish crackers, he lives off of those.

 And since Monday was a holiday, we went swimming for one last birthday celebration for Peter.  It was great!  We went to the pool by where Peter plays indoor soccer, a new place for all of us.  It was free, because of some expo they were having that day, but not crowded: a double win!  Not to mention the water toys were super fun, the water was a great temperature, they had a slide for Haley to have fun on and they boys loved it!
 Love it when plans go according to schedule.
This boy Peter.  He is awesome!  Funny to be around, unless he is grumpy.  Smart and really good at just doing his school work, no struggles there.  He loves to read and loves to play.  We are so glad he is a part of us!

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