Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Moving onto 10

While Caleb was at choir practice today the rest of us (minus Rob) went up the Park City canyon to find some fun and adventure, one last play before Peter says goodbye to 9. 
 We came upon a frozen lake and decided that was a good place to get out and explore.  As we walked William wanted to sled penguin style, but found that it was too slow.  Then the boys saw that other people had been writing messages in the snow on the lake.  Peter and William decided to do the same.  Peter wrote a 10.
Showing off his excitement at his birthday being tomorrow.
And showing off his goof-ball side.  He likes to pull these silly and funny faces whenever he can.
Not to leave out these cool companions on our adventure.  William was gung-ho to keep going.
Haley was cold, muddy and hungry.  She was ready to go pick up Caleb.

So Peter, looking back on 9. When I asked him to remember something from the last year, this is what he wrote, "soccer/being with family/eating/playing/being happy."  He has definitely been involved with soccer and improved tremendously.  Being with family, although we still sometimes get on his nerves, he does have fun with us. Eating, he is probably remembering all those boxes and boxes and boxes of Goldfish crackers he consumes and the string cheese he gobbles up.  And playing and being happy, he is right about that. He can come up with the most imaginative and creative stories and games.  And this past year he has become pretty goofy in his pictures.  He is great about making crazy sounds at really random times of the day.  Takes you by surprise quite a lot. I think the majority of photos of him, he is pulling a face. Crazy kid.
But what else do I remember about him from this last year.  He has become a crazy reader.  He can be found reading a book for hours at a time and he loves it!  He told me this summer that playing with mud makes him happy.  He won for his reflections contest story that he wrote and illustrated himself. He is a great student and very easy going on getting his homework done.  Such a blessing. He has become more tolerant of going to church, more patient with people who bug him and tries his best to feel the spirit.  We'll keep him around for as long as we can, he keeps life interesting around here, and we love him for it.

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