Thursday, October 13, 2016

Happy 6!

 Haley's birthday came a week early when she was able to start ballet classes.  She was so excited and loved her first class.  It will be fun to watch her doing something new and different from the rest of us (aka soccer).
 Haley was beyond thrilled to get the golden ticket in class today.  She was able to take something for show and tell.  In the back ground you can see her cherry pie.  She was very happy to eat that.
 Another golden ticket picture with her birthday flowers.  She loves things that make her feel pretty.
This was our after school birthday activity.  It was a stained glass princess.  The kit came with the lines already drawn and stickers to place in the right spots.  It turned out perfect for the birthday girl.
This girl is filled with singing and dancing, princesses and pink, liking all the foods that her brothers dislike (heck she had asparagus and beans and meat for her dinner with cherry pie), she really likes watching soccer, and loves any soft stuffed animal that comes her way.  She can also hang with the boys and play their games too, for a while.  She can be a beautiful addition to the day or a confusing wonder, but what matters most is that we love her.  Happy Birthday, Haley!

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