Thursday, October 13, 2016

Shout it from the rooftops!!!!!

This thing of competition soccer is an emotional roller coaster!  Some days we are on a high, other days we are down in the dumps.  But tonight, wahoo!!!  Loving life.  Caleb, first and foremost got the starting keeper position.  No small task right there.  He was excited!  Second, he made some terrific saves. One got by him, but his team was on fire in the shots on goal job and they were holding their own.  Third, Caleb's defense is awesome!!!  Love those strong, fast boys!  But before I get to the AMAZING part, look at that other team.  The size of that one boy, sheesh!  That is no exaggeration.  Some of those Murray Max boys are really tall.  Anyway, fourth......Caleb was a rockstar!  Awesome, Amazing, make me proud!  A penalty happened, in his box...which led to Caleb facing a penalty kick.  Deep in him.....  He pulled it off beautifully!  He made himself big, jumping around (just like Manuel Neuer), set himself a little off the center of the goal and when it came time for the kick....HE STOPPED THAT BALL!!!!!  Yes, that is right.  He stopped the PK and gained momentum for his team and they went on to win, 3-1!!!!  Such a great game, for the whole team.  They really did well.  Next up, Saturday.  But until then, oh I love to see him do his best.

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