Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Cheer and Smart Kids

Continuing with the advent activities....
 We had a service day.  Some of the kids were really not excited about this one.  So, I got some cookies and frosting ready to make it more fun.  We decorated the cookies, ate some for ourselves, and delivered the rest to friends.  Peter had a lot of fun with the sprinkles.
 Caleb's creations were great.
 Smart kids are terrific!!!  Caleb's school and teachers recognized him with a very special award this last quarter.  It is called Lion of the Quarter.  As we listened to the teacher describe what it is, Caleb is doing great!  It is an award that can only be earned once in your time at West Jordan Middle.  A teacher may only nominate one girl and boy from the class.  Then that nomination goes to all the other teachers and faculty in the school to see if they all agree that said student should be given the award.  It is not only based off of academics.  They also look at your work efforts, your interactions with other students and teachers, how well you do overall.  I think there were 6 students from each grade given an award.  Such a great honor for Caleb to be recognized!  They said some great things about him and it was so fun to see him be surprised.
One other cool surprise was that his teammate, Justin, was given the award also.  We are so proud of Caleb, for all the hard work he puts in to every aspect of life.

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