Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Let the festivities begin!!

It is so hard to see the detail, but one of my favorite Christmas decorations that we have, and I made it.  Too bad it is only for the 12 days before Christmas.

We started last night.  So much fun.
Gingerbread houses have been made.  Lots of candy was consumed but no one got a tummy ache,  that is a win.
 Last night we had our Christmas party.  Really, it is just dinner made fun with games and silly shenanigans.  Haley had such a hard time waiting all day for the party to start.

See, silliness.  They loved the little headband things.  Some pink lemonade may have been spilled with craziness.  But it was fun. 
 They all loved this game.  Put a paper plate on your head and someone tells you what to draw.  You are not supposed to peek (although a few kids did), but just try your best to draw.  It was silly and fun.  We also did puzzles.  Haley was not even into helping, she just kept playing the paper plate drawing game on her own.  But the rest of us, even though some struggled (aka, Diedre's/Haley's puzzle was really confusing), did great on our puzzles. 
 And slightly hidden behind Peter, the vacuum tree lives on.  We decorated it last night.  So, for the next week....until I decide to undecorate, we will go without vacuuming the house.  But the sacrifice is worth it, such a fun tradition.

Today's activity was deemed as less exciting.  It is a day of service.  But hopefully we can pull some fun out and make it great!  

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