Monday, December 19, 2016

So many fun things to remember

 More advent fun!!!  Watching Prep and Landing, the movie.  
 Red and Green dinner.  
 This next activity was a new one for us, but so much fun!!!  Definitely adding it to the routine next year.  A Christmas Dinner Treasure Hunt.  Peter and I came up with a secret code.  Then I wrote the messages to each family member of what they were in charge of.  I was in charge of the main dish.  Each of them had to take a silly picture at the store, plus find a part of our meal.  One funny thing that should be remembered: when Caleb was "breaking" one of the coded messages it was not making any sense.  I was really worried that I had screwed up somehow.  After about a minute Caleb looked at it again and exclaimed, "I have it upside down!"  HA!  William's picture was with something soft.  Rob and William were in charge of choosing a side dish, they chose buttered popcorn.
 Peter and Haley were given the job of selecting a desert.  They chose M&M cookies, and they were a big hit at the dinner.  Their photo was in front of some pretty flowers.  Something they both love.  Haley loves to look at them, Peter loves to dissect them.
 Caleb's photo was to be something silly.  Here, he is showing how he really feels about seafood.  Caleb was in charge of finding a drink for dinner plus another side.  He chose chocolate milk (it was gone in a flash!) and Pringles chips.
 They were also supposed to take a silly group photo.  I love this one!  Such cool kids!
 While I was getting everything together, they had one more code to discover and a treasure to find.
Such a fun time as a family!!!  

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