Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Break 2017: starting it off right

So, Caleb's soccer team had the opportunity Saturday to help carry the Real Salt Lake flag out on the field.  That meant that we would get a discount for the tickets.  Rob had to work, but the rest of us were really excited to go. Never mind the fact that it was supposed to be the coldest game of the year.  Sometimes you just cannot pass up opportunities like this.  I was responsible for buying the tickets, and 2 of the other players wanted to come with us.  So, I was a little worried about getting good seats.  I was also worried about taking everything we needed.  But we loaded up the truck with some treats, lots of blankets, plenty of ponchos and we set off.
 Do not worry about good seats, we got them!
 Right there by the corner.  Such a good view, especially for second half when RSL was playing down on our half and we got to see them score.  The only thing I forgot was gloves and umbrellas.  It started raining about a half hour after we got there....and never stopped.  In fact, in the last photo you will see the game ended in a blizzard.  It was AWESOME!
 Windy.  Very, very windy!
 When it came time for Caleb and the other boys to carry the flag out, I wanted to be ready to get a shot of him.....opps, I missed.  They did not get to carry the flag out because of the rain.  Bummer.  But they still got to go on the field and when it came time for Caleb to be on the big screen, all I got were those #12 shorts jumping up with those yellow shoes because he was so excited!  Yeah, mom fail.  But to my credit, I was trying to tuck kids into blankets and make sure everyone was comfortable.  William had prepared well.  He wore 2 shirts, a big poofy coat and he stayed pretty much warm the whole game.  The only part of him that got cold was his feet.  Peter was an amazing trooper.  He was pretty cold from the start, especially his hands.  But he said he would stay the game through and watch it, he was a quite, tough kid. That part I feel bad about, he only had a tiny bit of fun. He did not complain, just quietly "suffered." :(  Haley ended up going home early.  She was having fun, but just not bundled up enough. And she was really tired.  Rob came and picked her up at half, Anderson's mom went home with them too.  It was just too cold for Haley girl.
 These boys were awesome and tough.  They were so excited to be at the game.  But they were also freezing!  Standing out on the field and waiting for them to go out so long, without ponchos on, soaked their clothes.  Their feet were frozen and they were COLD.  Even when Rob came and brought new blankets, it helped them get by, but they still got wet.  I even got them some freaking expensive hot chocolate (to tide them over).  In the end we took home 7 soaked blankets, but very happy boys.  The blizzard had started by second half but RSL was playing down at our end.  We had determined we would stay for 20 minutes of the 2nd half then go home.  Peter was frozen and stayed in his seat, but we moved closer to the field.  A few things to point out that I loved as small details.  They had to shovel the lines of the field to keep them clear.  The snow was coming down that much.  They switched out the white ball for a bright colored one, just so the players could see it.  And we saw the first goal of the game!!!!!  We were all so excited!  We stayed for a bit more, then the boys told me it was time to pack up and go.  OK,  I guess.  We loaded up all the soggy, wet stuff, and cold, tired boys and headed for the truck.  As we were walking to the truck we heard the stadium erupt because another goal had been scored.  We cheered with them.  Then as we were slowly driving home in the blizzard, Real scored their 3rd goal.  Real won, the boys were thrilled and thawing out.  It was a great night!
I did not take this picture, one of my friend's friends took it.  It is just a nice comparison shot of what it looked like at the game.  Crazy cool!  "Real Salt Lake: 3 Vancouver: 0  -  Winter: 1 Spring: 0"

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