Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Oakland Temple and more beach!

We kept the rental car for this day, because we planned on driving over the Bay Bridge to go to the Oakland Temple.  Caleb and Rob had a great time at the temple, Caleb was the only youth doing baptisms that day.  Also, the moment the kids woke up they were asking to go back to the beach.  That was not the original plan, but we put it on the schedule.  It was a great day to go to the beach and have fun.
 The Oakland Temple
 Some great photo skills from Haley...
Or William, they both like to snatch the camera and do their magic.
 I liked these plants, they would curve off in different directions and looked like some type of Dr. Seuss plant.
Stopped off for lunch is Salsalito.
Beach time, take 2.  This time we took a change of clothes....we were prepared.
 A boy (thats Peter), setting a stick free in the ocean.  He was so happy to be there, playing in the mud and sand, and loved getting wet.
 Sea Ooze!  The kids found this all over the beach.  They wanted to save it but when we got back to the apartment it had started to disintegrate.  I want to say it was some part of a jellyfish, but what ever  it was....the kids had fun finding it and holding it.
 They could have stayed for hours and hours at the beach!  They could not get enough of the waves and water.
 They loved the sand and it was great weather this day.  Sunny and not too windy.
 More waves, getting wet, and putting off to the VERY last minute of leaving.
Peter approved.  It was terrific!

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