Sunday, December 7, 2008

First snow

We woke up to our first snow this morning. 2-3 inches of fluffy white stuff. Yes I said fluffy. This is our first snow here, that I can remember, that it didn't sleet right after and turn it into a few inches of solid ice. We don't usually go out and play on Sunday's, but today we made a short exception and let the boys run around for a few mins. It's Douglas' first snow, so we had to document it all. I have to say, he did pretty well. That is until his gloves got nice and wet and then he got mad. Oh, and we also made a snowman!

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Rob said...

That is a very cute snowman! Well done! Did the boys want to kick it down afterwards? Sometimes Caleb and Peter are tempted by the sheer fun it would be to destroy it, but I can usually talk them out of it. :) Happy winter! -Diedre