Sunday, January 25, 2009

Childhood Memories

When I was young I had a Strawberry Shortcake house. I loved to take the time to set everything up in it when I would play. But I did have one problem. And it's name was Katie. Katie was my younger sister, and she always knew when I had my Strawberry Shortcake all set up. The minute everything was in it's proper place she would come over like King Kong and destroy it. I would cry. Yell at her. And do all the things kids do when they've felt wronged. But ultimately nothing could be done, seeing how she was still only a baby and just being curious.

Now that I'm a mother I can't help but laugh when my boys go through the same thing. I always think back to this picture, of Katie and me, when they're yelling at little brothers to "go away" and "stop breaking that!". So I decided I needed a picture for my boys to look at when they become parents. You know, to see things come full circle.

Some kind people from our ward were getting rid of old toys their now teenage kids don't play with any longer. We were lucky enough to get their Lincoln Logs and army men. The boys were excited to try them out but we waited until Douglas was down for a nap (trying to avoid meltdowns associated with destruction). The boys built and built and had everything all set up....

just in time for Douglas to wake up. Now Douglas still has absolutely no respect for other people's things. Nor does he have good enough hand eye coordination to not destroy pretty much everything he touches. I guess his walking coordination isn't all that great either. Oops...
poor horses! Their corral is no free horsey!
Moving on. This looks interesting.

Oops. One of the army men got knocked down the center hole of the look out point.
Look a big fort!
I wonder what this does?
I don't think that was supposed to happen.
We're back to the now rebuilt corral. They don't stand a chance!
I swear it wasn't me!
Hah hah hah I run this town!!!
I have to admit though, Jackson and Cooper were pretty good sports about the whole thing.


El Steve-O said...

I am dying laughing! That is too funny!

Rob said...

My boys (Caleb and Peter) pretty much move to a safe distance so that William cannot touch their things. They are nice enough to give him a car to play with or a dinosaur to munch on. But William is getting so close to crawling that the terror will soon hit our house as well. Should be fun. Oh, and Willy LOVES the train (the geotrax you got the boys last Christmas). He is mesmerized by it going around and around. :) -Diedre