Friday, February 6, 2009

Star Student!

We went to the school yesterday for the Star Student assembly for Caleb.  Every class in the school had selected three students to receive the award and Mrs. Hargrove nominated Caleb to receive the award in his class.  He did not know about it until we got to the school so all during the assembly he was hoping his name would get called.  Sure enough when they did Mrs. Hargrove's morning class Caleb was the first one called.  He sprinted up there and all while the principle was telling us why Caleb recieved the award Caleb was chomping on his gum and would not look at us once for a picture. :)  Funny kid.  He was given an award for excellence in always being truthful and honest.  Mrs. Hargrove said Caleb is always honest in class and is the first one to admit that yes, he did do something wrong or no he was not listening.  So, this is our Star Student; he got a pin for his shirt that he says he is going to wear everyday to school and he got a pen shaped like a star on the top.  William ended up breaking the star pen a half hour after the assembly so I had to get Caleb a new one this morning. :)  Gotta love em!  We are so proud of, Caleb!  He is doing fabulous with reading and he loves to draw and sound out his own words.  He is really learning a lot.

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