Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Caleb's birthday

"What more could I ask for than a perfect birthday like this?" That is an exact quote from Caleb tonight as he was playing with one of his new toys right before bed. Boy am I glad to hear he had a good day! But it was not just today, we have been trying to celebrate all weekend.

The awesome birthday boy (he chose to spike his hair today) in all his happiness. He was a perfect little boy, except for one episode of pushing a brother down. He woke up happy, stayed happy, played well, shared all of his new toys (he said it was because he woke up so happy), and got ready for bed with not one struggle. Way to start the year off right.
Rewind it a couple of days....we took our trip to Scofield to watch the fireworks off the lake and play in the water. Caleb was able to play all weekend with his friend Brian and he loved every minute of it.
Caleb was also able to get loaded with candy at the Scofield parade and then he did what he set out to do, climb the rock wall at the town festival. OH, he was so excited! He did awesome, and with a little encouragement, he made it all the way to the top and rung with bell. He was full of pride and confidence and it was such a great thing for him.
We also went to the rodeo the night before Scofield and the boys loved that, as always. I would have photos but our camera was being stupid.
Caleb is a fabulous kid. He has learned so much this past year, Spanish being the top thing. He still speaks it around the house and cannot wait to go back next year and learn more. He is full of excitement and life and also love and creativity. We love him. Happy Birthday, Caleb!

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Jon said...

Happy Birthday, Caleb! Boy do we wish we were there to celebrate with you. Hopefully next year we'll kick it for the Birthday and the baptism. Jon