Friday, July 16, 2010

Rachel's 6 Month Update

I can't believe Rachel is already 6 1/2 months old...time flies when you're having fun! Here's a brief update:
  • went to the doctor-- weighed a whopping 18 lbs 11 oz (91st %) -- I know, tell me about it, my back is killing me, 26 inches (60th %) -- I think they messed up, she longer than that. But still she is nice and roly poly.
  • Got shots, cried for like 2 seconds and then was fine (Yay, she's a toughy!)
  • Started eating solids - not a fan of green beans (video coming soon), but is willing to try anything
  • sits up on her own really well
  • doesn't roll over, but has started to get on all fours. Doc said sometimes babies skip rolling and go straight to crawling - we'll see
  • loves jumping
  • starting to giggle/belly laugh a lot while being tickled
  • her hair fits in a top of the head pony tail thing
  • she is still as curious as ever
  • Is so happy and easy going - which is great cause we can take her anywhere
  • loves being around different people
  • Just as fun as can be!!

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