Thursday, July 15, 2010

Could someone tell me again?

Could someone tell me again why they are so excited for me that I am having a girl? Again and again, whether it be a stranger or someone close, they see my three boys (who are so dang cute!)...they see my belly...then they ask if the next one is hopefully a girl. I say yes and they immediately get a smile on their face, a lady even did a happy dance for me today in the store, then they proceed to tell me the "joys" of girls. The heightened emotions, the dramatic flare, the teenage years (one woman loved her little girl until she was a teenager), and just how much easier boys are than girls. The happy dance lady told me that twice during our 2 minute conversation today. I know, I know, I will love this baby and so will my boys. But MAN ALIVE, what am I going to do (Heidi, I am jealous!) !?! Oh, how I love my boys (even when I am complaining about them)! They are the best! Why again should I be excited about this girl (I know, she comes from Heaven, is sent to me for a reason, will be just as cute, I will love her, yadda, yadda, yadda)? I love my boys!


Dave said...

Hey! Girls are great! Of course ours is only 7 months old and there has not been any of the above mentioned dramatic flare... yet. But we love her to death! And we are super excited for your boys to have a little sister to look out for! (And we're even MORE excited for there to be more girls in the Gray family!)

Heidi Mae said...

I got the same question again and again when I went shopping with my 3 boys and was pregnant. 'I hope this one's a girl!' And then many 'Oh no!' and 'Well, do you think you'll try one more time?' when I'd tell them that it was another boy. And then people would try and make me feel better by telling me how hard girls are. I have mixed feelings about it all. There are times I wish we had a girl in the family and others that I'm glad we don't (I wouldn't know what to do!). I bet you're just like me and are just nervous about the unknown. In the end it'll be fun to add a new dynamic to your family. We're excited for you guys!