Monday, July 26, 2010

Just to mention the things good from today

  • My dishes are being washed instead on sitting in the sink
  • My home is semi-clean
  • My kids are asleep
  • My kids played with new legos today and enjoyed themselves (for the most part)
  • My kids splashed in dirty puddles left from the evening's rain and loved it
  • I am the proud owner of a new blender (just because I broke the old one is beside the point)
  • I got to help out my grandpa and it is good to serve others
  • I will be going to sleep now
  • Tomorrow is a new day and new patience and fun will hopefully come

1 comment:

Elisa said...

I've been meaning to call but have been on the run since Wednesday (not even home yet)! My kids LOOOOVED playing at your house. Miriam especially had a great time with Caleb. Thank you so much!!