Thursday, August 26, 2010


That is how Mr. Second-grader described his first day of school. He had other insightful words to share as well. Here he is this morning, ready to go.
He woke up right on time, was dressed and ready to go, with time to spare. I think the first day of school is the smoothest of the year. It is the rest of the year that you struggle to get all your ducks in a row. Anyway, he was very excited to get to school. He headed off on his bike, lunch in tow and he was all smiles.
After school I asked him how it went and his first word was terrific. Then he went on to expound. Among the things that I can remember he said that so far 2nd grade has been the best year of his education (after one day, that is pretty good). :) He said, "I learned that doing work is fun....something has changed and I enjoyed doing the seemed like fun...we got a lot of fun privileges for doing the work." Those are direct quotes from the boy. Pretty impressive. He was also excited because he did the monkey bars 3 times at recess. I hope he keeps this positive attitude about work, it would help a lot. He is supposed to take 3 things to school tomorrow that describe more about himself, things he likes or is interested in. His choices: a sunflower, a picture he has drawn, and a picture of his favorite food. Hats off to the first day of school. May they all be just as successful!

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