Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kids have a way with words

In just the past two days my kids have said the darndest things! Last night for example we returned home from Parent Teacher Conference with two beaming parents and one excellent kid. He is so smart and awesome at school. However at bedtime my oldest and middle showed me their, I cannot even come up with the word, intelligence...stupidity...innocence.... Anyway, the conversation went as follows; we were reading a story about a character changing what kind of animal it wanted to be. I asked my kids what kind of animal they would choose and why. Peter said a rhinoceros and I thought that was kind of cool. Then I asked him why and he proceeded to say, "because they charge at things and they are mean." WHAT?!? Because they are mean? Because they charge? I do not know what I was expecting from him but that was not it. But I will say that explains a lot about his behavior sometimes.
Then Caleb; last night he was being rather obstinate about getting ready to go to sleep. I asked him nicely and all but he was just being my boy. Some how it came out that he is so much better at school and why. He informed me that if he is not good for Miss Pasker he will get into trouble. I just stared at him with my mouth open wide. What? You do not think you will get in trouble at home for not doing what you are supposed to do? How does that work? Of all the things to say to your mother! "Mom, I'll be good for my teacher because I have to. But for you, you are not that special." I am still shaking my head over the whole business.
Now for today, Peter was helping me make some bread and he started talking about a time when he went to one of Caleb's friend's house for a play date. He informed me that this kid's mom is so pretty and nice looking. He described how her hair looked, how nice she was and what she was wearing. "His mom was so pretty and awesome!" Hummm, I stood there looking down at myself and really tried hard not to be hurt but it did not work. I even clarified for myself by asking him, "so, she was prettier, huh?" He agreed. I know, he is just a little kid and means nothing rude by it but still, what a thing to say to your mom. Gosh, I really have got to do better about certain things if I am to live up to my kid's expectations.

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