Thursday, March 3, 2011

In Memoriam

Today was a sad day for our family, but not as sad as for our pet. "Sparks Gray" lived a short, but fulfilling life. He had his own tank with a plant and a filter and all the nice things that fishys like. Unfortunately for him, he had an owner named Spencer. This morning I was dead asleep in bed, no pun intended, when Jonah ran into my room yelling: "Spencer just dumped the fish down the sink!" Sure enough the tank was empty. We (Jason) tried to salvage Sparks by taking off the U-pipe under the sink to see if possibly he might still be there, but alas, he was gone. Jonathan offered to say a prayer for Sparks. He prayed, "Heavenly Father, please help Sparks get to the ocean quickly." I about lost it then. I didn't mean to snicker, but I'm afraid I did. I really wish all drains did lead to the ocean like in Finding Nemo.

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Rob said...

OH, how sad and comical. I am sorry but I cannot help but chuckle. Yet, I well remember the sad day when Caleb's goldfish died, it was quite terrible. I love Jonathan's reaction, he is awesome. How is poor Spencer doing, does he even realize because the other boys have helped him know what he did or is he kind of clueless? Sorry for the trauma so early in the morning. -Diedre