Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Music Man

Dacia, Jonah, and Jonathan starred in their stake's production of "The Music Man" and they were fabulous. Does it surprise anyone that both Dacia and Jonah had leading roles and Jonathan danced his heart out right there in the front of everyone on stage? It was such a fun afternoon for us all. Caleb, Peter and William all loved watching the singing and dancing and they were thrilled whenever Dacia, Jonah or Jonathan came on stage. Dacia was Marian Paroo and she was amazing (sorry, if you do not want me to boast for you, Dacia.) Her singing was beautiful and she was so fun to watch. Peter kept wondering why Professor Hill did not know her real name, I think he had a hard time realizing this was just pretend. Jonah was Winthrop Paroo and he was so awesome! He did such a fabulous job with remembering his lines and with getting his lisp correct. He was terrific. Then when he sang "Gary, Indiana" he was so animated, dancing so wonderfully around the stage and he was enjoying himself so much; everyone loved it. My favorite part, besides his dance, was when he screamed as the angry crowd was taking Professor Hill off stage; I could totally tell it was him. Jonathan was such fun. My boys loved watching him on stage. He was one of the River City Kids and he was so cute in his hat and dancing his heart out in front of everyone. Then when he came out in his band uniform, it was awesome! We loved it so much! I really hope someone out there got a picture of them and posts about it. I wish I had a picture for you all but take it from me; Dacia was beautiful and the star of the show, Jonah was awesome and so cute with his big smile, and Jonathan was awesome and perfect as his first part in a play. What fun for them all! Tonight is their last performance and I know they will do terrific. Good job guys, we love you and are proud of you!

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