Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snow day, but not for long

Yesterday we were blessed with some beautiful white snow. I know for some family members out there they may not want any more snow, but we were excited for it. As soon as Haley went to sleep this morning Peter, William and I were out the door for some fun. I hope Caleb had fun at school because the snow did not last for long. Even as we were building the snowman the snow was dripping off of the tree. Then as I was constructing our fort the sun was heating up and I was even considering taking off my coat because I was getting hot. But we went on with building and packing and it was great! My boys loved tearing down the fort as I was adding on, thus I seized the moment when they went to play in the slush and I really added to the fort. Alas, within one hour of coming in the house part of the fort had toppled because of the sun and by noon the snowman had been cut in half due to that beautiful sun. I should not boo-hoo the sun, it made the weather wonderful for playing in the sun. I just wish that the snow could have lasted maybe one day longer!

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