Monday, April 25, 2011

Adding to my garden

Horray and yea, with the help of my boys playing on their own nicely I was able to plant my beautiful fruit trees today. Oh, Rob also helped by digging one of the holes and the weather helped by being sunny this morning. Thank you! I am just giddy with the thought of watching these babies grow and picking a nice yummy fruit from them in the future. Grow little trees, grow!

Also in other news, Rob and I have decided that our two middle children are pretty easy going (when well fed and properly rested). It is our oldest and youngest that appear to be the challenging ones. Yes, all children offer their own issues but for the most part if I only have the two middles to deal with they are fine, no real problems or dramas. Enter one of the others and all bets are off. I love them all, but these little souls do their best to add spice to my life. :)

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