Thursday, April 28, 2011

Solids...testing the waters

This girl is learning to maneuver her way into the solids world, slowly. We have actually been trying to get her to eat solids for a good couple of weeks now, but she just says no to oatmeal. That tongue of hers knows how to work it out and make a mess. But if you give her bread or noodles, she seems to do okay with that. So, today I tried her on some yams and I may be figuring out a system with feeding her. My first attempt ended promptly when Haley was more interest in practicing her new talent of raspberries. I knew then and there that feeding a raspberry blowing girl was a bad idea. So, round 2, this afternoon, and it went better. I kind of had to tilt her head back and hold the spoon in her mouth while she worked on swallowing the yams, but it worked. She actually got some this time, I think, and there was not too much mess. Success! For now. We will see how round 3 goes at another time. She may win on that one.

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