Monday, April 18, 2011

These boys are funny

Driving home with Jonah or Jonathan in our truck is always amusing. At times we give them rides and listening to these boys talk and play is always great. For example, last night Jonathan was in our truck and the boys had been talking with Emily before we left the Grays. So, I get in the truck and they start telling me their secret agent names as it were. Caleb: "The name is Gray, Caleb Gray, Double Stuffed Oreo." It went the same with all the others. Jonathan: "The name is Gray, Jonathan Gray, Double O Cherrio." Peter: "The name is Gray, Peter Gray, Double 11 Volcano." (His was a little more random.) William: "The name is Gray, William Gray, Double Stuffed Oreo." (William of course went with Caleb's name but it was still cute to hear him say it so excitedly.) Then they made one up for Haley: "The name is Gray, Haley Gray, Double Decker Sandwich." My personal favorite! These boys are awesome!

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