Monday, May 23, 2011

In review

This is our week in review:
Monday - Thursday: School, cleaning, playing, cleaning, shopping and eating.
Friday: Jonah and Jonathan came over for a sleepover and the boys had fun. Among other things they had a few squabbles, Jonah and Jonathan were introduced to Navajo Tacos and Jonah inquired, "so are you recently interested in the Navajo people?", we all went downtown and the boys had a blast at a new architecture attraction by Capitol Theatre, they stayed up WAY TOO late and got up WAY TOO early (in my opinion), and they loved playing legos together.
Saturday: We all got together at the park for a combined birthday party for Grandpa Gray, Dacia, Jonah and William. It was loads of fun to play at the park with such beautiful weather. Caleb left the party early so that he could receive a bike that was given to him from the school and other donors. Rob said it was pretty big deal with several other schools being in attendance and a large gathering of volunteers. He loves the new bike and was so excited to ride it around that day.
Sunday: The primary kids survived their third Sunday of me being the chorister. It was the second week in our baptism package and we took it simple this week. It focused on repentance and how just like an eraser can erase a pencil's mistake, repentance can erase our mistakes if we do it sincerely.
Monday: William's birthday! WAHOO! It was a pretty normal day but he still had fun. He enjoyed playing with Peter in the morning, building with blocks and then playing at the playground after school. Then this evening he and his brothers played with some of his new playdoh and read his new Curious George book. Every time I said, "Happy Birthday, William!" He would reply, "Happy Birthday, Mom!" or "Happy Birthday, Clouds." He is such a sweet boy. He has such a fun smile, and a gracious spirit. It does not matter if I give him a glass of water, a treat, dinner, a toy, or I read him a story; he is always the first one to say, "thank you, Mom." He is always willing to share his things and he loves to help when he can (especially in cooking). And he loves being 3.

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