Monday, May 9, 2011

Snapshots on Mother's day

The day went well. We had a yummy breakfast, and overall peace through the day. My boys treated me well with sweet thoughtful presents. Rob was totally awesome and made me another garden box (you can see it in the picture below). Rob worked hard, went through a bit of frustration, but still made the box and I love it! Caleb made me some cute magnets in class and a sweet note to go along with it. Peter's class did a hand print for me and a cute saying. William used his imagination for my present. He was running through the yard and said, "here, Mom!", tossing me something imaginary in the air. I pretended to catch it and he said it was a present for me, a soft blue teddy bear for me. How sweet is that? So, on with the snapshots.

A peaceful moment when the boys were reading together before our walk.

I wanted to go on a walk with the boys and find the trees in our neighborhood that had pretty blossoms on them. As we walk to and from school I see so many of these trees, I thought it would be fun to see them together. The boys had fun collecting the fallen blossoms and showering/bombing me with them. It was fun. Caleb also took a notebook and took notes about nature along the way. Some of my favorites, "Where ever you are, nature is all around you." "Nature sounds awesome." "Potato bugs are ticklers."

Haley examined the blossoms and enjoyed the walk. She also discovered her lower lip and has been sucking on it ever since. It is so cute to watch her figure out all these things. I also love how she has started noticing her wrists more. Watching her pick things up and wave them around is darling.

The boys also took time out on the walk to gather as many potato bugs/rolly pollies/ as they could and transplant them to our house. Seriously, these are some displaced bugs, they traveled a block from their original position and I am amazed that none of them died or got smothered in those little hands on the way back home.

My garden! Finally, one last thing I received today was a new calling. I was released from my Primary teaching call and was called to lead the music in Primary. Ok, I can do this. I am somewhat excited, somewhat nervous at the preparation it will take and the responsibility I have to teach these kids the music and the gospel all in one, but I am looking forward to the new things it will bring. Plus, I get to see all my kids in Primary so that will be fun. Oh, my dad also made me a yummy cherry pie and we went to the Grays and had a very yummy dinner and the boys enjoyed being with the family. It was a very fun day.

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Heidi Mae said...

Glad you had such a great mother's day Diedre. You deserve it!
And we're so bummed we can't be there for the fun family get togethers. :(