Sunday, June 19, 2011

Scofield adventures -Lambs, Docks, Fish and Fun

It was definitely a fun week, not free of problems, but worth the trip to Scofield. My boys love it up there. William loves the water, Caleb and Peter have kind of taken a break from the water and are more about playing around the cabin site, but they all have fun any time we are there. This past week we spent the whole time there while Rob came back to Salt Lake for a few days of work, then he met back up with us and we all came home together. It was great.

When we got to Scofield we found that the lake was at capacity, it has not been this full since 96. We normally have quite a lot of beach between our cabin and the lake so to have the lake be one cabin's distance away from us, it was fun. Our dock was already out in the water as you can see and the boys loved fishing off the dock. Caleb that first day caught 8 fish, they loved his hook. We of course released all of them back in the water, my boys are not fish killers and we are not fish cleaners. The lake kept rising and by Thursday the tip was under water. Rob was gone so we were trying to figure out what to do. There was a big storm and the waves were big. Because of all this, our two front poles started going down. Sinking deeper and deeper in the mud and I could not pull them out because of the waves and mud. By Friday morning this is what our dock looked like.
That is our friend Bob fishing off the dock. The front two poles were completely submerged and the only thing holding it in place were some rocks and the back two poles. Insane! Rob, Bob and I ended up doing some super tough work trying to get those other two poles out and pull the dock up. The only tough thing I did was dive in the water and rescue a sunken pipe wrench and hold some wood in place while the two strong guys pulled a stubborn pipe out of the mud. Rob ended up the worse off by getting too cold in the water, having his fingers smashed with the pipe wrench and spending 45 min. in a hot tub of water to thaw his body out. But in the end we pulled the dock out of the rising water and the other two pipes are still submerged and waiting for the waters to subside. Awesome times!
We went on a very cool hike and the boys loved it. Scofield really is a beautiful area. The boys love getting out in nature and exploring. Caleb loves going off without any of us and proving what a stud of a hiker he is. At one point however we had to do the "follow my voice" locater system because he just ventured too far from the group. Watch out boy scouts.

And for our favorite part of the week, the baby lambs. I cannot begin to tell you how much fun we had playing with these little lambs! They were ADORABLE! A lady and her husband, Tonda and Pace, have a cabin next to ours and on Thursday they showed up with a horse trailer, fencing and 18 sweet little baby lambs inside the trailer. Tonda has shepherd friends who asked her if she would take on some bum lambs (lambs whose mother cannot or will not feed them). Tonda, being very ambitious, took them in. She has to feed them from a bottle 3 times a day and so needed to bring them to the cabin that weekend because they came up for Father's day. We loved being so near the lambs. It was fun to have them "talk" to you. Seriously, you would baa to them and they would baa right back. I had one talking to me for a good 4 "baas". Tonda let us go into the yard and pet the lambs, and just sit there with them and play. We even got to feed them a couple of times and it was neat! She had given them each names according to markings on their wool. There was Mammoth (he was the biggest with a fuzzy head), Clown (because of colorful chalk markings on him), Freckles, Queenie (biggest female), Mascara (had black markings around her eyes that looked exactly like mascara - Caleb's favorite), Toy (the smallest), Charlie (brown), Blackie, Red Ear (red marking on tip of ear), Target.... It was so much fun, we loved it!

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