Friday, June 3, 2011

Bro-Sis Day and the end of school

The end has come, summer has begun. So technically, the real "fun" is just starting. :) Caleb's last day of school was fun. Heartland Elementary has a traditional dance festival where each grade works on a dance and they all perform on the field the last day. I wish I could get it to load because it is awesome! Second grade danced to the Waka Waka and it was so fun to watch them all, especially Caleb and Miss Pasker. Caleb was so excited to be out there and have fun. However and the end of the festival the DJ had everyone go out and dance the Chicken Dance. Caleb is less excited about the Chicken Dance, especially since his mom knows it and was out there doing it with style. :)

Peter finished Preschool and loved it. He says he is glad to be done but secretly I bet he would love to still be going. I think he is only excited to be moving onto Kindergarten next year.

Bro-Sis day had it's debut this year. Last year was our last year of Brother's Day and with a sister on the way we had to come up with a new name for our holiday. Bro-Sis Day was adopted and even though it sounds like a disease when you say it, we still had fun. They kids had their traditional t-shirt to wear for the day. They painted the front with stars, each their own design, and I added my own flourish to the back. They made their crowns, ate donut holes for breakfast, and had snowies for a special treat after school. Plus when dad came home we went to the park and played. It could not be agreed upon to go golfing or tennis so we went for new territory and played Frisbee at the park. It was great and they all had fun.

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