Monday, September 5, 2011

The boy can ride!

Can I say that I am so proud, happy and excited that Peter knows how and loves to ride his bike. He named it Stars and he jumps at any chance to ride his bike. It is so wonderful to have him ride his bike to school to pick up or drop off Caleb. Now I do not have to push him in the stroller. And he loves being faster than me. So, today we decided to take the training wheels off, he really did not need them. But he needed a little practice without the training wheels. So, Rob took him over to the church parking lot to test it out and crash! he scuffed up his elbow. He came home crying and sobbing, not willing to go back to the church parking lot until his elbow was healed. However, he did get back in the saddle and later on he rode his bike confidently up and down the sidewalk with a GIGANTIC smile on his face the whole time. I think his whole body smiled a couple of times. He would not go to the church, he was firm about that. But he rode up and down the street, even turned the corner a couple times for good practice. What an awesome kid to not be afraid to ride again after taking such a bad crash. He is an excited boy to ride is bike to school Wednesday with no training wheels! So many fun times ahead for him. Oh, and did I mention he also has 2 LOOSE TEETH! This kid is on his way to the big times, and we love him so. Good job, Peter.

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