Thursday, September 1, 2011

Soccer mom!

I love watching my kids play soccer, especially when they do a great job! Tonight is one such instance. I do not have photo documentation because the camera was just not top priority tonight. I actually had to run to target, buy new soccer socks because the other ones were forgotten in the dryer at home, then dash back to the field and stress about finding another parking, getting the socks to Caleb and not freak out too much. But that is beside the point. Caleb's team did fantastic! Normally Caleb sticks back to defense but tonight he was up on the front line plus helped in back with defense. They did wonderful. The final score was 4-1! They worked together as a team, passing and the defense had little to do because they were playing offense so much. Those kids were so tired by the end of the game. Caleb almost even scored a goal! Darn goalie. I love cheering my kids on and seeing them do so well. Peter's team is also really good. Both my boys have played 2 games and we are undefeated so far. Winning is a good feeling but what is even better is knowing you played your hardest and best and you still succeed. Go team!

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