Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh yeah, baby!

I wish I could take pictures with my eyes only, then I would have the perfect image to remember tonight. But since I am so busy screaming and cheering at soccer to hold the camera, I will have to mentally remember this soccer game. My Caleb boy did terrific! Awesome! Fearless! That is one of the things his coach likes about him is that he is fearless! OH, I love his games. Tonight was the game we have been prepping for. We knew this team was tough! They have two kids on their team that are mammoth! Like 7th grade size! Caleb started out at goalie and made some awesome saves, but also gave up a few (but it is never just the goalie's fault, we needed to charge a little harder). He said that while he was goalie he named one of the mammoth kids Hugo. How funny is that? He said he did not want to be rude but every time this kid got the ball he kept saying in his head, "No, Hugo, do not get the ball." Or, "Get out of here, Hugo." Caleb said by second half he felt bad for calling him Hugo so he just started talking to him as the "kid with orange shoes." Second half he was in at forward and went charging. We had no substitutes so it was a hard game for all of them but they never gave up. The two mammoth kids kicked that ball hard and they had another kid that had some major fancy foot work. So, here comes that mental image I want to keep. At the very end of the game fancy foot work man had the ball and one of our players just would not go near him. Fancy foot-work man was playin' our man, he just had his foot on the ball, waiting to see what our player would do. Then BAM! out of no where comes my man Caleb and totally swiped the ball away from fancy-man and carried it up field. Caleb had this tough guy smile because he knew he was awesome and he stole that ball clean away! So AWESOME! Then two minutes later Caleb and another of his teammates took the ball hard! Caleb got it in the stomach and the other kid got a bloody nose. You could see the mark of the ball on Caleb's stomach afterward. What a great way to spend the night! Our team played their hearts out and held this team to under 8 points. This is the team that generally scores upwards of 15 or 20 in one of their games. Way to go team!

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