Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The tale of a missing tooth

I guess the first tooth you loose is always kind of an exciting, memorable story. Peter has entered the lost tooth club, in style. Oh, it makes me chuckle. We noticed the loose tooth a few weeks ago but today after school it was really loose, like hanging there loose. When Caleb came home from school we were eating a snack and Caleb kept telling Peter to just twist it out, but Peter would not do it. Two minutes later he was drinking some water and I looked at his mouth and there was no tooth! You've got it, he swallowed it! Oh my! We have come to the conclusion that the tooth fairy will still honor the lost tooth, even though it is in his stomach. But the poor kid, he thought it was funny at first but as he sat there thinking about it he became sad. He really wanted to see his tooth after it fell out. What do you do? I want him to be excited about this but he just gets sad when you ask him to smile or when he talks about it. Oh well, one day it will be something to laugh about. But for now, he just has to wait for the tooth fairy to come.

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