Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011- a year at the lake

So, when we asked William what he wanted to be for Halloween a couple of months ago he said, "a boat." Okay. That started the rest of the kids. Caleb wanted to be a fisherman, and Peter and Haley would be the fish. Perfect! The fisherman was easy, make a vest, put some lures on there, give him a fishing pole and he was done. The fish were fun to make. Peter opted out of having fishy eyes so, Haley was the only one with eyes. You cannot see it in the picture but they also had a fish tail at the end of the scales. They looked so cute, especially Miss Haley when she would take a few steps or crawl around the room. The boat was also fun to make because Willy and I did it together. He helped paint it and tape it. And the little fish swimming at the bottom of the boat were fun too.
a few close ups:

Haley was so cute! But it was hard to get a good picture of her holding still.
This is the back of Willy's boat. The motor on there was awesome! And you can see the fish in this picture too. We ended up changing the costume around while trick-o-treating because he just could not keep up with the other kids. We took the boat and put it up on his shoulders then punched out the handle holders to be bigger spaces for his arms to fit in. So, the boat was now higher on his body and he could go faster. He was the hit of the costume parade and he loved it. But after one street he was tired of lugging it around so he took it off and was just a cute kid with a boat following him around.
Caleb could have gone all night. Peter was happy with his loot and the last 4 or 5 houses he just walked with us but did not go to the door. I guess he knows his limits in certain areas of life. And Willy was just excited to have all the candy. Speaking of candy, they all got way more candy than any child needs. That is what Halloween is all about. A fun time was had by all.
Haley loved walking around to each house and seeing all the pumpkins. As you can see from this picture she loved carving pumpkins. She was really enjoying the taste of them. But she also liked seeing them lit up on Halloween night.

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Alisa said...

Such clever costumes. You are so creative.