Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving time

I love thanksgiving and having kids to do fun things with is even better. First off, the big day's events:
The Grays decided that it would be easier to go out for Thanksgiving dinner instead of cooking it all at home. So, at 11am we headed out to beat the lines and get our yummy dinner. The joke was on us when we got there and the line was already super long. UGH! So, my cute kids and I sat out front, played a game and waited patiently for our food. Don't their turkey hats look awesome. Peter opted to wear his Indian hat from school and the rest helped make their hats. They are so cool! Dinner was good. My kids especially liked the endless ice cream and rice krispy treats. The only down side to eating out was that it was so noisy. We could not talk in a normal voice at all. Fun times.
After that we headed to Granny's house, played around, read books and waiting for a space in our stomachs to open up so we could have a little more pie. I took up a little treat activity for the kids to do and it was fun and yummy for the kids. It was a fun day, we are so glad we got to be together.
Last but not least it is our tradition to make pine cone turkeys for each member of our family. We have done it for the last 5 years and have a picture of each one. We have done pipe cleaners and feathers. This is the family for 2011. And it has character. Rob went totally fancy on us and made a neck, feet and the super ultimate tail. It put the rest of ours to shame. Except for Peter's turkey. He was against any feathers or decoration. He was going way simple and he stated his was the meat. There was no changing his mind. His turkey was plucked and ready for dinner. Therefore we convinced him to cut out a fork, knife and spoon so that the turkey would be ready for the feast. Ta Da! Perfect!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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