Friday, November 25, 2011

Wrapped up right

Rob is wonderful! I was not going to post about my birthday in specific because how lame is that? But then, I do not want to forget how creatively and awesome Rob was in wrapping and giving me my presents today. This morning upon seeing Haley she was holding the two mixer attachments (with white bows) in her hands. Then tonight each of the boys gave me another present specially wrapped as you see. When I commented on how cool the bows were Rob said he could not find any ribbon, so he made do with pipe cleaners. Perfect! I love him and I love my boys.

Caleb being the awesome kid that he is decided to make me a present today. He wanted to sew something but did not want me to look at the front. I only knew it was a monster. I was supposed to tie up the string in the back, help change colors on the needle and that was it. He told me it was my birthday present and not to look. He did a terrific job and I love it! He did a smiley face in red and the monster. So cool! My family is wonderful! We relaxed today, went swimming in the afternoon, came home for a yummy dinner and then I sang songs to my boys as they went to sleep. Thanks Rob, Boys and Haley for making it a great day!

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