Saturday, December 10, 2011

A little bit of fun

The past few days we have tired to fill our time with fun things to do together. So often these boys end up playing alone because they cannot agree on what to do together. One night the whole family got involved in a building contest. Each person had a different type of blocks (except mom and Haley, we did boxes) and they had to build something cool with their "material." It was great! The only structure we did not get a picture of was Rob's because his was accidentally destroyed by a child before it could be documented. Oops!
Mom's and Haley's, "Christmas Town"
William's, "A sure foundation"
Peter's, "The leaning tower of Awesomeness!"
Caleb's, "Of perfect symmetry"

Another day we made snowflakes out of Q-Tips and glitter glue. The boys loved coming up with different shapes and then squeezing the glitter on to make it all stick together. That was William's favorite part by far. Haley enjoyed entertaining us with her silly faces.
Finally, it cannot go undocumented that Peter and Haley were happily playing with blocks the other day. Peter loves Haley so much and sometimes it is TOO much for her. But on this day Peter got out the blocks and Haley had fun handing Peter each block as he was making something cool for her. It was a very cute moment.

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