Monday, December 26, 2011

To be remembered - Christmas 2011

Christmas was a lot of fun!
  • Granny Gray's Christmas bingo was SO MUCH FUN! We all loved it.
  • Peter did such a fabulous job singing his "If I could fly like a snowflake" song.
  • Even though Caleb felt yucky he still did great singing "Away in a Manger" in Spanish.
  • Willy was too shy to sing Rudolph in front of everyone but boy should you hear him do it. So cute.
  • Church was wonderful with the music and sitting by my kids.
  • Realizing that my kitchen is a good size for company to come over and make dinner together.
  • Caleb was not sick with his stomach thing anymore. Prayer works and he was feeling great for Christmas day. Thank heaven!
  • Peter made the sweetest and very cutest present for us at school. Each month has a handprint of his painted in a different seasonal shape. So much fun.
  • Taking dinner over to a neighbor and helping him feel a little joy this season as he visited with the Grays.
  • The Gray family is the best.
  • Playing a game with the boys after everyone was gone. There we sat, in the middle of all the mess, playing together. It was a fun pause from the noise of earlier
I love the Grays, I love my little family, and Christmas time is full of so much magic and wonderful feelings. It was great. Now to the new year. We will try to make the most of it.

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