Friday, December 16, 2011

A sweet and simple moment

Today is the day. Spencer and Addison are coming over and then after that we are having the cousin Christmas sleepover tonight. We (I) am preparing for loud noises, crazy-fun moments and possibly a few melt-downs. It will be fun, and awesome. My boys are so looking forward to the sleepover. But before wild day begins I want to remember my sweet boy Peter and how awesome he is. Wednesday was a bit challenging. But as I looked through Peter's backpack I found this little gem of a paper and it made my heart smile. He is so precious to me. He is learning so much in school and I love that he is now learning to sound out words and write them on his own. It added some light and happiness to my day.
Translation: I see Harry Potter.
I see fish.
I love mom.
I love dad.
I love my whole family.
I like Haley.

He is wonderful! Finally, one of Peter's wishes for the season came true last night as he got to see Santa at the Zoo and tell him what he wants for Christmas. He was so jovial after his visit with Santa. He could not stop talking about it. I am glad that sometimes my child's dreams can come true. Merry Christmas!

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