Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"I like to look for rainbows"

For two years now we have done a rainbow birthday for William, he likes them that much.  So it was very perfect that this month's song in primary was, "When I am baptized" where it talks about rainbows and being the best  we can be.  He is such an awesome kid!  We were so happy to celebrate his life and how sweet he is.
This is William's last photo of being three, and he wanted to take it with a bouquet of flowers he had just picked.
Four years old and so happy about it.  We spent time playing, going back and forth from the school for assemblies for the boys, and then we ate dinner together as a family.  I think our favorite part of the day was when he got to paint his wooden birdhouse.  He loved concentrating on it and making it his own.  You can see it in the picture below.
Like I said, William loves rainbows.  When I saw this recipe for rainbow bread I knew I would make it for him.  It was fun to make, fun to cut into and yummy to eat.  And yes, his fish - Twilight - is still alive.  Yeah!
We also went to the cabin to celebrate William's birthday, too bad the weather was not cooperating.  But you can see the windsock William made for the cabin.  That windsock got broken-in with all that wind and hail.  William loved watching to move around.
William is such an easy going boy.  When people were asking what to get him for a present I could only tell them that he loves everything.  He will happily play whatever game his brothers are playing.  Sometimes they really get annoyed that he tries to be so much like them, but he loves to dress in Caleb's old soccer jersey and call himself a little Caleb.  However, he also has his own intelligent way of expressing himself and being a big boy.  He is always eager to help cook or learn something new.  He is a sweet big brother to Haley and Haley loves being Willy's buddy.  He really brings a sweet, pleasant spirit to our home.  I hope he keeps this easy-going personality and that he continues to be such a happy boy.  We love you, William!

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